Randburg Bowls Club

JBA Club of the Year 2013

Saturday League Rules


Rules Governing the Men’s and Ladies' Saturday Afternoon League

  • The Men's and Ladies' Club Captains are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Three selectors are then elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, to assist the Club Captains in selecting the captains of each league side.
  • Each League Captain then selects his/her skips for each league team, starting with the first team having preference of players, then the second team; third team, and lastly the pennant team.
  • The captains and skips are responsible for drawing up and implementing the objectives for each league team.
  • The selected skips then invite players to play for them. Once each completed league team has been chosen and agreed by each player, the next team may be chosen.
  • Players must be chosen according to their gradings.  ie. No player may play out of position as it may be detrimental to other teams.
  • If the same player is selected by two skips in the same league team, the skips and captains must come to an agreement, for the betterment of the club. Should the matter be unresolved then the club captain will have the casting vote.
  • Should a league team lose two games in a row due to (in the opinion of the selectors) poor selection rather than strong opposition, a change must be made.  If the skip has to be changed through non performance, only the club captain has the right to change that skip.
  • If a selected player is unable to play a match for any reason, the player may lose his/her position in the team in subsequent weeks.
  • Players not selected will be placed in the reserve pool and may be invited at anytime to play in any of the leagues sides.